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        The Importance of Technology in Your Dental Practice Workflow

        dental exam room and technology 370177927Modern problems call for modern solutions across multiple industries and organizations.  For dentistry, that means rethinking the role of technology in improving efficiency. For many dental practices, technology has long played a role in improving patient diagnoses, treatment, and care. Patients have come to expect modern devices and equipment in the exam room. However, both patient and industry demands mean that everyone is also expecting those advances to come to the business office. 

        Dentists and dental practice managers are seeking ways to improve speed, efficiency, and care all while improving cash flow and boosting revenue. Given some of the challenges facing the dental industry, a digital transformation is needed to keep up and keep growing.

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        What is a Digital Transformation?

        A digital transformation is when an organization implements technological and digital tools to make improvements in efficiency, speed and accuracy, all while, often, lowering costs. Digital transformations often include hardware upgrades and software solutions that can help teams automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

        dentist works at laptop 415481669The Role of Technology in Your Dental Practice

        Technology has long played a role in dentistry. From x-rays and drills to prosthetics and implants, technology is commonplace in the exam room, but it has taken longer for technology to make its way to the business side of dentistry. 

        In the exam room, the role of technology is pretty clear when it comes to patient care and outcomes. Technology directly impacts how a dentist diagnoses and treats a patient’s oral health needs. What’s less clear and just now being realized, is how technology and software have the potential to revolutionize the front office and business side as well.

        Up-to-date technology not only improves patient outcomes, but it also helps a dental practice:

        • Provide superior service to patients
        • Meet and exceed patient expectations
        • Improve efficiency and accuracy
        • Attract and retain top talent
        • Stay ahead of competing practices
        • Grow patient base
        • Increase revenue

        Largely, these changes are due to software solutions and platforms embraced by the front office rather than additional equipment in the exam room.

        dentist and patient complete form 283524006The Importance of Technology in Your Dental Practice

        There was a time in the dental industry when a single receptionist and a dental assistant were enough to help manage a practice. With technology and policy changes came increasing challenges, such as the requirement to ensure data security and privacy in a practice; store electronic health records; communicate and collaborate with other dental or health professionals, both internally and externally; meet the digital demands of clients; and increase the speed, quality, and efficiency of service. These challenges have been amplified by a more complex dental insurance verification process, staffing shortages, regulations and compliance laws, increased competition, revenue requirements to cover cost of private practice and student loans, patient acquisition and retention, client care and demands, time and resource management, and more. 

        Essentially, between the demands and challenges faced by dentists and practice managers, dental offices absolutely must leverage every available tool and resource available to them to improve and simplify your dental practice workflow. It’s with those needs in mind that iCoreConnect created its software platform. iCoreConnect offers a full suite of applications that seamlessly integrate into existing dental practice management software and provides:

        If you’re ready to talk about how technology can transform your dental practice outside of the lab and exam room, book a demo. Be prepared to meet the challenges faced by dental practices today and exceed the expectations of your staff and patients.
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